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Our company provides a full package of installation, pre-commissioning and erection supervision works for all types of commercial and utility equipment. The set of works includes the assembly, alignment and installation of the equipment according to the plan and concept of a store.


Our experts will not only install the necessary equipment promptly, but can also offer a client individually designed solutions for specific situations occurring during the installation. With the creative and scrupulous approach to work, we were able to win the trust of some major professionals in the retail market as Auchan, OBI, REAL – “Hypermarket”, Billa, Metro Cash & Carry, Zelgros, Castorama, Agava and many others.


We provide warranty services for the delivered and customer’s equipment. We also offer refrigeration, commercial and utility equipment maintenance of any complexity which includes:


- Regular preventative equipment maintenance,

- Testing of the key elements functional efficiency, parameters check,

- Check for contamination and subsequent cleaning of functional units from dirt and dust,

- Testing of electronic control units,

- Sharpening of cutting elements,

- Decalcifiсation of boilersofonnlcifiedof cutting elementsormance efficiency  / combi steamers and dishwashers,

- Defective parts repair or replacement, etc.


The list of equipment we maintain includes cash desks, thermal equipment, packaging equipment, utility equipment in production departments (bakery, grills, combi steamers, ovens, dishwashers, slicers, vegetable slicers, scales, etc.).


The list of clients our service managers also take care of includes such companies as Coffee House, Auchan hypermarkets, Real, Metro Cash & Carry, Zelgros, Leroy-Merlin.

An example of calculating the cost for installation of storage racks on an area of 500 m².

Let us consider the installation of 6 m high storage racks with 3 levels of pallet storage on an area of 500 m². The racks arrangement plan is given below.

Планировка склада для монтажа

Складские стеллажиThe given layout shows 60 cargo storage racks with 3 levels of pallet storage. The required number of shelving racks to be installed is 186 pieces. The given scope of work requires not more than 4 assemblers.

The labor cost of each assembler is 870 RUB per hour. Our company assemblers have all the necessary approvals and permissions to perform this type of work. They also have many years of experience in assembling racking equipment (warehouse and in-store), commercial equipment, utility equipment, custom builds.

Сборка стеллажей

The cost of assembling team arrival in Moscow city area and the Moscow region within the range of 80 km  is

1500 RUB. The travelling costs to other regions are to be covered as received upon the cost of tickets (Train and Plane), as well as accommodation. We provide all tickets and accommodation receipts.

A team of 4 workers will need 10 days (assuming an 8-hour workday) to complete the cargo racks installation according to the plan of arrangement. In case the works are finished in a shorter period of time, the cost will be reduced according to the signed act, indicating time spent on installation.

Let’s now go ahead and calculate the racks installation cost:

Монтаж стеллажей
To figure out the total hours spent on the installation of racking equipment according to the plan of arrangement we need to multiply the installation days by the duration of  a working day  and the number of assemblers in the facility:

10 х 8 х 4 = 320 hours - is the required installation time.

Now, to figure out the installation works cost we need to multiply the installation time by labor cost per hour:

320 х 870 = 278 400 RUB – is the net cost of the installation works, excluding other expenses.

Установка стеллажейNow add other expenses, such as travel, accommodation to the cost of installation. Within this sample calculation of the storage racks installation cost, we assume that an object is within 80 km range from Moscow. Then, taking into account that the cost of an assembling team arrival is 1,500 RUB, and they will make 10 trips overall:

10 х 1500 = 15 000 RUB – is the cost of travel to the installation facility. 

Диагностика стеллажейEventually, we can sum up all the numbers and figure out the final cost of the racks installation works. To do this, we put together the net cost of installation with other expenses:

278 400 + 15 000 = 293 400 RUB – is the subtotal cost of racks installation according to the arrangement plan. 

Prices given excluding 18% VAT

Сервисное обслуживаниеThe costs for diagnostics and repair of utility equipment, storage equipment, commercial equipment and custom-made equipment can also be calculated the same way as above. The working hours and experts’ arrival pricing will remain the same. Only the cost of spare parts for equipment is to be added, if the parts are supplied by our company.