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Pallet fencing

Fencing on the pallet is used for storage and for transportation of small and mid-size freights. But generally fencing is used to organize special offers spots.

Fencing on the pallet is not stackable.

For easy loading and unloading fences on the pallet are equipped with a folding board that promotes easy access to goods in a container on a pallet.

Due to its foldable design unused containers on the pallet takes up little space in a warehouse.

The container design on a pallet represents welded mesh of steel rods.

Fencing on the pallet can be optionally equipped with a divider that allows to store different goods in one container.
Features series
Except for the 4 basic swivel wheels the trolley is equipped with an additional fifth wheel in the middle to provide a better mobility.
The spring loaded platfrom and the upper basket make stacking easy.

The trolley is equipped with casters using the rubberized non-markable material. 1 year casters warranty.

The trolley is equipped with noise-absorbing and shock-absorbing elements which helps to avoid noise even when moving the trolley in a bumpy area.

All the metal parts of a trolley are galvanized and coated with a colorless powder which provides the essential protection of metal from most of the externall effects, including mechanical damage, environmental influence, corrosion, grease and etc.

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