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Store shelving

The shelving is known as a variable and high-quality equipment for the efficient goods display.

There are standard (grocery, fruit, vegetables, books) and custom-made racks.

Custom-made racks are the designs required by the customer. The height of racks may reach up to 4000mm. 

The racks have a nice appearance and durability, and can also be of the required color scheme.

The shelving design allows to build the racks using different amount of sections, adjust the incline and height by 25mm each position. The European standards approved system efficiently saves the layout space. Besides, these standards are widely used to integrate the system in the warehouse racking for the Cash&Carry type of stores to arrange the goods according to their category.

The European standards approved racking system is an efficient mounted equipment, designed in accordance with the highest functional ergonomics requirements and with the assured quality. The delivery of the equipment is always according to the agreed specification and provided within the shortest possible period of time. 

The store shelving is available in the following configurations: wall-mounted, gondolas with a square or half-round endcap. According the type of goods: grocery, produce, liquors, books and magazines, perfumery, dishware, clothes and shoes, flowers, sports goods, household appliancies, tools and etc. The racks have options to be mounted with solid, perforated, mesh and glass panels, metal and MDF (medium density fibreboard) panels, bread and mesh freezer shelves with and without lighting, base, a range of baskets, and other multiple accessories: hooks, hangers, price tag holders, shelving fences and dividers.

The racks can be assembled in a line of different length and configuration, using the outer and inner corner sections of 45° and 90°. The adjustable in height bearing stands allow the stable position of the racks. The racks height is 1145mm-4020mm spacing adjustable by 125mm, the length is - 660mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, 1330mm, width (base) - 400mm-800mm  spacing adjustable by 100mm, rack width 200mm-800mm spacing adjustable by 100mm.

стеллажи торговые

полочные стеллажи

торговый стеллаж

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магазинный стеллаж


хлебные стеллажи

Features series
Except for the 4 basic swivel wheels the trolley is equipped with an additional fifth wheel in the middle to provide a better mobility.
The spring loaded platfrom and the upper basket make stacking easy.

The trolley is equipped with casters using the rubberized non-markable material. 1 year casters warranty.

The trolley is equipped with noise-absorbing and shock-absorbing elements which helps to avoid noise even when moving the trolley in a bumpy area.

All the metal parts of a trolley are galvanized and coated with a colorless powder which provides the essential protection of metal from most of the externall effects, including mechanical damage, environmental influence, corrosion, grease and etc.

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