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Shopping carts

тележки покупательские, магазинная тележка, продуктовая тележка, торговые тележки, тележки для магазинов

Start using Sassy shopping carts in your store, an innovative and eco-friendly solution for any type and size of a store.

The featured series design provides ease in movement, space saving and increased service life of the commercial equipment.

The small-sized Sassy carts are perfect to use in the narrow passages of a store, and the whole product line is created to improve shopping convenience for customers. 

Durable carts will save a lot of space and are designed to minimize wearing of the equipment.

Double the space saving

Тележки покупательские штабелирование
transportation                                                                                 in-store

Our new products line is designed for standardization and optimization of shopping cart components. Every Sassy equipment unit is created according to the BS EN 1929-1, -2, -3, 04, -7 standards and can reduce a commercial enterprise’s expenses for supply, storage, distribution and technical maintenance of the equipment. The developed product design ensures an efficient production and transportation of goods.

тележка покупательская размеры

Key features


Shortening of the stacking distance close to a wheel diameter made it possible to almost double the number of carts in a container, which allows saving a lot of resources in carts production and transportation over long distances. The shortest distance of stacking in a store is 187mm, which helps to reduce the space needed for stacking. Every cart is also safe and can be moved without “wheels collision".

Collision safety

X-shaped frame, specially designed to avoid metal parts contact, is different from the regular frame carts available on the market today. Sassy design prevents any contact between carts during stacking and pulling-out, thus ensuring prolonged service life of the equipment as a result of lack of the abrasive effect produced by such contact. The frames of the carts can be painted in a color that matches the corporate design of your company, without the risk of an early corrosion.

Reinforced structure

The improved structure of a basket protects the trolley from deformation under load. The reinforcement is also added with the metal mesh. Besides, the use of adjustable shock-absorbing and sound-absorbing bumpers not only helps to regulate the distance while placing, but to also protect a cart from damage while stacking and pulling-out.


The improved chassis design with wheels attached closer to the load point and the lowered load center makes it easy to move and control the cart around, especially when loaded. The driving comfort of a cart has been improved and simplified by placing handles behind the rear wheels, which also makes it easy to use and increases the safety of holding the cart on a travolator.

тележка покупательская загон

The “Sassy” shopping carts provide 25% more space saving compared to regular carts.

Independent expertise

The independent expertise carried out by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), showed that our Sassy product line exceeded the EU standards.

A serious test by flushing with salt water (the simulation of 10 years usage period) indicated only a slight deterioration in the appearance of a cart.

Collision safety, provided by the X-shaped frame, significantly enhances the service life and protects the cart from the abrasive effect caused when placing it. This effect is the main reason for a quick wearing of the equipment resulting in a need for its repair or replacement.

In addition to the frame and the basket test, there was also conducted a check for fastening systems carried out by “Bureau Veritas” inspection company. The test results have shown that our equipment meets all the European requirements.

Environmental protection

We developed a unique design and the minimum stacking distance for carts, which allows saving more than 30% of the space required for transportation, compared with the placement of carts in a store. Comparing to the most of standard trolleys currently available on the market, our carts double save the space. By reducing the number of vehicles required for the carts delivery from the factory to a distribution center or from a distribution center to a store, we were able to reduce the expenses of our customers and minimize the impact on the environment. Given the overall consciousness of our customers and enterprises about the impact on the environment, the choice of “Sassy” carts instantly allows your company to fulfill any task assigned.
Features series
Except for the 4 basic swivel wheels the trolley is equipped with an additional fifth wheel in the middle to provide a better mobility.
The spring loaded platfrom and the upper basket make stacking easy.

The trolley is equipped with casters using the rubberized non-markable material. 1 year casters warranty.

The trolley is equipped with noise-absorbing and shock-absorbing elements which helps to avoid noise even when moving the trolley in a bumpy area.

All the metal parts of a trolley are galvanized and coated with a colorless powder which provides the essential protection of metal from most of the externall effects, including mechanical damage, environmental influence, corrosion, grease and etc.

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