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Logistics equipment

A whole range of equipment to help you establish efficient logistics.

Features series
Except for the 4 basic swivel wheels the trolley is equipped with an additional fifth wheel in the middle to provide a better mobility.
The spring loaded platfrom and the upper basket make stacking easy.

The trolley is equipped with casters using the rubberized non-markable material. 1 year casters warranty.

The trolley is equipped with noise-absorbing and shock-absorbing elements which helps to avoid noise even when moving the trolley in a bumpy area.

All the metal parts of a trolley are galvanized and coated with a colorless powder which provides the essential protection of metal from most of the externall effects, including mechanical damage, environmental influence, corrosion, grease and etc.

Roll boxes or mobile mesh containers are used not only for transportation of long-term storage food products, dairy products, beverages, fruits and vegetables, but also for transportation of household chemical goods and perfumes and cosmetics.
Flip-Box is a foldable insulating drawer for transportation and storage made of polypropylene foam (EPP) with built-in lids.
Ideal for the removal of expensive goods (elite alcohol, electronics, etc.) to the sales area for subsequent placement into closed windows.

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