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Flip-Box is a foldable insulating drawer for transportation and storage made of polypropylene foam (EPP) with built-in lids. Specially designed for Flip-Box UL new hinges provide a turn of lid on the 270 degrees. 

Due to its excellent insulation properties, Flip-Box is particularly suitable for the transportation of frozen and fresh products. Restaurants and public catering may also use Flip-Box to transport and keep the food hot.

While folded a Flip-Box UL requires little space. While assembled the capacity corresponds to GN 1/1 capacity, and its smooth inner walls are easily cleaned.

  • Foldable Flip-Box helps reduce transport and storage costs
  • reduction of the area of storage up to 50%
  • compact storage, precisely placed on pallets, both folded and assembled
  • maximum payload with minimal own weight
  • protection of transported / stored content
  • hygienically clean
  • temperature resistant from -20 to + 110C
  • durability