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Sales area bump rails

Отбойники для торгового зала          Защита от тележек

Protection of retail equipment - Metal bumpers for carts

Отбойник для тележек

Ideal protection of equipment against damage from bumps of carts, stackers, washing machines and so on.

Works deadline - 1 day depending on the complexity of the project

No plan? - No problem. Free measurer check!

Отбойник от тележек покупательских

All components available!

Защитное ограждение от тележек магазинных

Free shipping in case of ordering mounting of bumpers!

Защита от тележек

1 year warranty!

отбойники для тележек цена погонный метрThe longer bumper - The lesser price per running meter!

Specifics of a flexible design of bumpers for carts allows to increase the protected space and to reduce the price of running meter. Each project is calculated individually with preparation of detailed drawings!
диаметр труб отбойника для тележекThe largest bumper pipe diameter on the market!

In our bumper system for protection from shopping carts the pipe with the diameter of 51 mm and a wall of 2 mm thick is used. Shock-resistance of the whole system is increased!
поверхность труб отбойникаPolished surface of pipes and elements of the protective bumper.

Unlike other manufacturers we use polished corrosion-proof pipe therefore our bumpers keep qualitative appearance longer without requiring extra care.
Надежная защита торгового оборудования от тележекReliable protection of retail equipment.

With the the technical advantages our defense system for retail equipment is more reliable and durable and does not lose its properties over the years.
Отбойники от покупательских тележекOptimum height for all types of carts.

The height of the bumper pipe allows you to restrict the movement of all types of carts within the height from 70 mm to 120 mm. Also customized versions are available on request. 
отбойники для подсобных помещенийCan be used in utility rooms.

Protection of equipment and walls from carts, stackers, washing machines not only in the sales area but in utility rooms.
Монтаж отбойников и огражденийEasy to install.

Installation of bumpers is simple and could be carried out in the shortest possible time. Transfer or replacement of elements of a protection is also easily carried out. You can order professional installation with us!

Protective equipment 
  • Made of galvanized or stainless steel.
  • Special hygienic equipment from stainless steel with anti-shock coating of polyamide.
  • Without welding seams, absolutely invisible fastening, absolute fitting assembly eliminating accumulation of waste. 
  • Firm and modulating elements: durability and possibility of recycling.

Protective elements 

  • Meet hygienic standards and safety regulations.
  • Ideal protection of equipment against damage from bumps of carts, stackers, washing machines and so on.
  • Variety of sizes and finishes. 
  • Two types of mounting: bolt connection and concealed screw connection. 
  • Effectively protect the walls and partitions from shocks. 
  • Can be made of galvanized or stainless steel. 
  • Are mounted according to layout drawing.

Features series
Except for the 4 basic swivel wheels the trolley is equipped with an additional fifth wheel in the middle to provide a better mobility.
The spring loaded platfrom and the upper basket make stacking easy.

The trolley is equipped with casters using the rubberized non-markable material. 1 year casters warranty.

The trolley is equipped with noise-absorbing and shock-absorbing elements which helps to avoid noise even when moving the trolley in a bumpy area.

All the metal parts of a trolley are galvanized and coated with a colorless powder which provides the essential protection of metal from most of the externall effects, including mechanical damage, environmental influence, corrosion, grease and etc.

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