The “Greyfort” company develops individualized special projects with due consideration of the target customer’s requirements, as well as the economic and competitive environment in a city/region.

We help to find a format-oriented strategy and basic attributes related to the range of goods and services that are key factors of the successful positioning of our company in the market.

Based on a selected format we offer a variety of concepts for architectural solutions (with a prospective development of an integrated architectural and construction project), optimized salesroom, service and office spacing, rational zoning of a showroom.

We also design different styles for interior and exterior of a store combined with internal and external communication systems.

Our company also provides a full range of services in optimizing goods layout: racks arrangement in a retail area, selection of proper equipment items (including custom-made ones), drafting of planograms for racking, line of products matrix development, suggestions for arrangement of different commodity types within the products area and on the shelves, additional presentation effects in a store for a better product presentation, brand book, lighting design in a store.

All services and activities can be managed consecutively and carried out at different levels of detailing.

Entrusting us to cooperate with your company guarantees your stores to create a well-known, desired and successful brand!